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Lubricant Grease
Lubricant Greases are offered in thin consistency with AP-3 grade quality. These are extensively used in scooter, bikes, vehicles and machine parts. The oil is easy to use and have effective results.
Engine Oil
Engine Oils are multi grade and premium in quality. These are provided in 1 ltr. Packaging bottles with tight sealed caps. They are perfect to e used at bikes, scooter, vehicles and other automobiles.
Brake Fluid
Brake Fluids are used for increasing the lubricating properties of car, bike and other vehicles. These are made from silicon based oils which have excellent stable viscosity property.
Coolant Oil
Coolant Oils are provided in anti-freeze quality which helps to increase speed of the coolant system. These are used for cars, trucks and other vehicles cooling system.
Gear Oil
Gear Oils are used for enhancing lubricating property, speed and viscosity of the machine, car engines and other mechanical parts. These are pure, non-corrosive and non-toxic in nature.
Hydraulic Oil
Hydraulic Oils are provided in varied packaging drum quantities that include 1, 3 & 5kg. These are easy to use, have accurate pour temperature and non-toxic in nature.
Shocker Oil
Shocker Oils are used for different applications viz, increasing functionality, speed and lubricating property. These are made form high grad synthetic oils with beneficial compounds.